1839 Monroe St. Madison, WI 53711

(608) 259-1111


When you arrive.
Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee


During your service.
Sit back and relax will we give you a soothing hand massage


Before you leave.
One of our staff members would love to give you a complimentary makeup touch up 

What you can expect.

HAIR has been in business since 1996.  HAIR started as a one chair salon  in 1996 and grew to now having 8 stylist. 

HAIR is composed of a team of individuals dedicated to providing you with a quality experience by attentive communication and contemporary design education

About Us.


               Haircut                   Color                    Partial Foil                Bleach    


Level 1      $34.00                    $68.00  and up          $90.00    and up               $130.00  and up         

Level 2      $39.00                    $73.00  and up          $95.00    and up               $140.00  and up        

Level 3      $47.00                   $78.00  and up          $103.00   and up               $145.00  and up         

Level 4      $52.00                   $83.00  and up          $113.00   and up               $165.00  and up          

Level 5      $57.00 and up       $88.00  and up          $123.00   and up               $170.00  and up         

                                                Prices vary upon designer experience and longevity with HAIR.

Blowdry   $20 and up

Blowdry with Iron  $35.00 and up

Brazilian Blowout  $250.00 and up

Cosmetic  $25.00 and up

Wax  $18.00 and up